Welcome to the new TSL ?

This is a "What's new?" page.

This is the first "issue".

It's the first part of the new journey of The Superhuman Lab.

This is here to show you all the new awesome things we are working on:

We want to be as authentic & transparent as we can and this is the start of that.

Why are we doing this?

There's 2 reasons:

  1. As a fan of the software and tech world, I've always loved how companies develop over time and share what's new.
  2. The fitness industry is full of people who set up shop, write ebooks, spend a weekend promising a dream and then go back to finding something new they can offer.

Instead, we come from a different place to that. We're creators and people who love building.

Our flagship course "The Skinny To Superhero Formula" has been in the making in one form or another for several years, and this is just the start of it - the whole system has been rebuilt, hours upon hours going into it.

So we aren't going anywhere and this the "new" start to an "old" site.

  • We'll show you what we're working on
  • What didn't work so well
  • What we've got coming
  • Share a coffee together