Our Mission at The Superhuman Lab

We Help Busy Professionals Reach Peak Performance In Their Body And Mind

Through health, fitness and science-backed evidence – simplified
Simplified Science
We translate science-y stuff you don’t have time to read into smart, simple language you can understand without a PhD, PsyD, or RDN.
Based On Real Life Experience
We are (and have been) busy professionals ourselves. We don’t have to imagine what it’s like to work staying in shape around a demanding boss and crazy work hours. Our stuff reflects that.
Beyond Workouts and Diet Plans
No matter where you’re at in life right now, we believe you have what it takes to build a body you’re proud of and live a life that matters

Being a busy professional is tough, right? Long hours, high stress, feeling tired, not feeling productive and energetic like you used to.

We’ve been there too (more on that below).

If you’re like most of our readers, then you’ve probably tried most things out there when it comes to getting into shape and feeling energetic again.

Maybe you’ve been told it’s as simple as “count your calories, do a lot of cardio and sleep a lot” – and then later discovered it isn’t.

Or you’ve tried different diet plans and workout routines, only to return to old habits and skipping the gym all too often.

Why doesn’t that work?

The truth is, that approach might work for the average Joe and guys who have all the time in the world (and half-decent genetics on their side), but for busy professionals, it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s advice spat out by gym rats and meatheads who not only know nothing about what it’s like to have a stressful career and busy family life, but also over complicate everything by micromanaging their health and fitness.

Image of Dean Phillips, The Founder, at 112 lbsImage of Dean Phillips, The Founder, after building muscle

Meet The Founder

I used to weigh 112 lbs but gained 40+ lbs of muscle and changed my life. I then went on to coach guys across the world to do the same, co-ran agencies and advised startups, but struggled to keep up with my old fitness lifestyle, and felt burnt out, fatigued and out of shape.

I was a guy that had coached other for years and had a lot of "knowledge" around health and fitness, but I couldn't sustain the lifestyle anymore. I needed to research and crack the code as a busy professional myself, and now I help others do the same through The Superhuman Lab - by giving other busy professional men the frameworks, hacks and strategies needed to get into shape, think clearly and reach your physical and mental peak.

How Are We Different From All The Other Health and Fitness Brands Out Thers?

Health and wellness information is everywhere – the internet offers a virtual sea of advice on everything from losing fat, to what foods to eat, to recipes, and everything in between.

So you might be wondering, why another health brand – what makes us different?

Here’s the thing:

I know what it’s like to live a busy, high-stress life, with limited time available to look after yourself.

I’ve been a behind the scenes fitness coach for 10+ years, ran a design agency, been a freelance consultant and worked for one of the top SAAS companies in the world as a product manager…

So being a busy professional is in my DNA!

I looked around at what the industry was doing – I noticed that PTs were marketing to busy professionals/CEOs/executives even though they’d never experienced that lifestyle for themselves.

It bothered me that busy professionals, who were already crazy busy in their life, were being handed time-consuming solutions to their problems. They’d get an overly-complicated fitness plan, long diet routines AND they’d have it all explained in biochemistry jargon.

I couldn’t get over how crazy it was. I knew it was a recipe for disaster for most busy guys. When you’re already overwhelmed, time poor and unsure of what steps to take, you don’t need someone teaching you everything under the sun about the topic.

You need clear, concise steps laid out for you; you need to know what to do, how to do it and (in brief) why you’re doing it.

That’s it. That’s what we do.

As someone who’s a recovering fitness junkie (my entire life was training, nutrition and supplements), I didn’t want anyone else falling into that trap – especially when you’re already juggling so many plates.

Busy professionals and entrepreneurs are great at what they do, but oftentimes they forget to look after themselves – which is why over months (and sadly, for many years) weight climbs up, you start to get more tired, and stop being present with those around you – ultimately, living in a fog and not showing up.

We’re here to fix that:

To give you the energy you once had.

Get you into the best shape of your life

Had you thinking clearly and productive again

And skyrocket your sex drive.

Welcome to The Superhuman Lab!

Dean Phillips
Founder & Head Coach

What Drives Us

Our Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs that we operate from at The Superhuman Lab. These guiding principles ensure we're on the right path and achieving our mission
Sustainability First
An approach should be sustainable and not a short-term fix.
Behavioral Based
Habits, routines and systems keep you going beyond a short-term transformation.
Action Focused
Our resources and programs are based on giving you what you need most. Not stacks of information for the sake of it.
The fitness industry is great at making simple, complex. Do more with less.
Our coaching takes an action based approach which works with your neurological side, hormones and lifestyle in account
What we teach is science-backed. Just scroll to the bottom of our resources and find the studies – we’ve got nothing to hide!