The Art of Simplified Muscle and Health For Skinny Guys
The Art of Simplified Muscle and Health For Skinny Guys
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Here's The Real Truth About Building Muscle as a skinny guy

This is NOT just another "1 weird trick" or special study...

If you’ve tried building muscle before as a skinny guy, then you probably know the struggle of trying to do what everyone is doing, but getting completely different results.

You’ve already read plenty of advice on how to workout properly and how to diet. You’re probably even tired of hearing again and again the same old vague advice about just needing to lift heavy, eating more and sleeping. Maybe you’ve heard you just need to keep the muscles guessing by trying crazy new techniques that are backed by “the latest science”.

That’s why this is NOT about another muscle building study, built around marketing hype, that is cherry picked. Because almost NONE of these strategies experts recommend will get you any results if you are a skinny guy, overwhelmed by all the choices out there.

Here’s why:

Most muscle building advice is for guys who already have average or better genetics. Who can do 50+ things at once (like changing their diet, adding supplements, working out consistently etc) without it being a struggle and giving up in a few weeks.

That’s why we want to show you a different approach. It’s more than just a system of workout programs, or diet strategies. Instead it’s based on powerful behavioural psychology to create lasting change in you (a guy who struggles to build muscle).

Who the heck am I anyway?

Hey 👋 I'm Dean Phillips

Former skinny guy and the owner of The Superhuman Lab. I’ve helped thousands of men build more muscle, gain more confidence and become superhuman. I’ve also gained more than 60 pounds myself (going from 112 pounds to more than 172 pounds).

I struggled along the way. Failing time and time again, and even becoming a fitness junkie in the process of trying to be as big as possible. This isn’t what I’d want for you.That’s why on this course, I will show you how you can build muscle as a skinny guy too, whilst avoiding the same mistakes I've made.

You will get exclusive access to my step by step system, unique resources and years of experience from working with my coaching clients and people inside my flagship program.

What will you get in this free course?

Practical and actionable steps you can actually follow

The #1 Reason skinny guys fail
The thing holding skinny guys back (and it has nothing to do with diet or workout program)
How to reach your goals, finally
Why traditional goal setting you've always been taught is dead, and how to accomplish (and set) your goals the right way
My favourite diet hack
The #1 thing you can add to your diet today, to instantly increase your chances of building muscle
How to train as a skinny guy
The workout programmes found in fitness magazines all follow the same flaws. Learn why and how to train correctly for your body type 
The Staircase Effect
A simple to follow workout programme strategy that  has you spending less time in the gym, whilst almost doubling your muscle growth potential 
Custimised to you
The information you get is specific to you. It changes based on some questions you answer before the course begins. Cool, huh?

Hack Your Skinny Genetics

Start the free mini-crash course and begin to build muscle, feel incredible and hack your skinny genes once and for all.
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