We help skinny guys build 20-30 pounds of muscle through behavioural change

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Here's The Real Truth About Building Muscle as a skinny guy

This is NOT just another "1 weird trick" or special study...

If you’ve tried building muscle before as a skinny guy, then you probably know the struggle of trying to do what everyone is doing, but getting completely different results.

You’ve already read plenty of advice on how to workout properly and how to diet. You’re probably even tired of hearing again and again the same old vague advice about just needing to lift heavy, eating more and sleeping. Maybe you’ve heard you just need to keep the muscles guessing by trying crazy new techniques that are backed by “the latest science”.

That’s why this is NOT about another muscle building study, built around marketing hype, that is cherry picked. Because almost NONE of these strategies experts recommend will get you any results if you are a skinny guy, overwhelmed by all the choices out there.

Here’s why:

Most muscle building advice is for guys who already have average or better genetics. Who can do 50+ things at once (like changing their diet, adding supplements, working out consistently etc) without it being a struggle and giving up in a few weeks.

That’s why we want to show you a different approach. It’s more than just a system of workout programs, or diet strategies. Instead it’s based on powerful behavioural psychology to create lasting change in you (a guy who struggles to build muscle).

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