Get in incredible shape. Have more freedom. Live for more than fitness without selling our your soul.

We believe in honest, easy to follow, science-backed strategies that help you get bigger, stronger, leaner and healthier - without all the hype.
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The Superhuman Lab

It’s a common mistake:

Buying an ebook, trying to do everything at once, and then blaming yourself when you can’t.

Or starting one program, only to get pitched another a few weeks later, believing it has the secret to changing your body (and really your life) for the better.

This time it’ll be different.

So you hop onto the next program, and the cycle repeats again.

This is something I’ve always hated seeing. It’s something most people have fallen for (us included) and we don’t want that to happen to you.

We’re living in a weird time as people, especially online. Never before have guys known the importance of being healthier, being in great shape and taking control of their life.

Self-improvement kicks have never been stronger:

There’s never been so much information out in the (online) world to help guys put the pieces together. It’s no longer about reading magazines or books on the topic; Youtube and cheat sheets are the way forward. Learning from an online personality is the norm, or Instagram models that reflect who we all want to be.

We scroll through the feeds, looking for ‘the secret’ that they have up their sleeve.

This isn’t anything new.

We’ve been obsessed with wanting to know about celebrity diets and workout programs for years. They’ve been on our shelves and on our magazine covers since the 1980s.

But what is growing and evolving, is our obsessive need to learn ‘new tricks’ all the time, and have something be faster, better and fancier than ever before.

Sometimes, like in the tech space, this can be a good thing...
Safer cars, better apps, curing disease. But when it comes to health and fitness, it’s a bit of a mess.

Time and time again, fitspiration bloggers are quick to offer workout programs and diets that sell new and bold promises. Each one gets extreme results faster than the last (in theory).

We don’t hold it against them, after all sex(y) sells. But that’s about all it does. Rarely do these promises come with better results or a commitment in the long haul.

That’s where we come in. Providing a supportive, simplified fitness space filled with nutritional advice and fitness programs you can stick to.

Health and fitness doesn’t need to be as complicated or as ‘shiny object syndrome’ as it is.

Here’s how things are and where we see ourselves as different
Where The Lab Fits in
Healthy & Lifestyle Conscious

There are 3 kinds of people (broad mindsets, if you will) that I see more often than most. You might even recognise them.

The Bodybuilding Heads

Scientifically-backed strategies (but overcomplicated)

These are the guys who just want to get stronger and believe it’s as simple as eating “clean”, lifting big ass weights and sleeping as much as possible. 

Their programs are intelligently put together and based on science (they’re smart dudes) but unless you have the right genes it just won’t cut it. Not only that, but this can be pretty boring for most people, and doesn’t tend to lend itself to the everyman.
All-in Sweatbox Style

Focus on health, wellbeing and mindset

Overcomplicated plans and “all-in” style of training, dieting and living. 

This is the workout class with sweat dripping everywhere. Typically not programmed with long-term strength and muscle growth in mind, and usually done as a fat-loss intense routine.

Exterior says “I’m the fittest person in the room” whilst grunting around the place. They do workouts that feel exhausting and will make you tired. That doesn’t mean they’ll get you results though.

The good news is that they have a focus on health and being athletic, they also turn up relentlessly (until they burn out and eat a packet of doughnuts every night).
The Minimalist Influencer

Simplistic in nature

It’s become a trend in recent years to make everything seem really easy in this space. Workout programs need to have very little (apart from minor progression) and they can be packaged as revolutionary.

A few simple workouts based on getting stronger, and following a diet program that lets you eat anything and lose weight, sounds perfect.

It’s simple, and as discussed, that works.

It isn’t, however, optimal or based on up-to-date science. And if you’re a skinny guy, then you’re not in luck.

Where we fit in: We believe in the middle ground of this.

If you’re trying to get stronger, bigger and healthier, then a well-programmed workout system with diet habits, mindset engineering and journaling will get you further than any of these:

We just aren’t going to tell you it’s easy.

We practise honesty and openness here at the lab (not in the same way we would to a therapist though, don’t worry).

The reality is that achieving your goals and maintaining them takes a mixture of effort, trusting the science and pivoting when things aren’t working for you (instead of jumping to SpaceX and moving to Mars).

It’s tough, but it can be simple if it’s broken down into strategies and systems. 
Luckily, we do all that for you - you and your results are worth that to us.

We aren’t flogging an overnight pipe dream (although our results do kind of seem dreamy ?)

We believe in transparency and openness in an industry where that feels banned.

The instagram life is dead here.

We’re not the kind of people you’ll find taking a gazillion topless selfies or posting inspiration quotes every day.

You won’t find our arms crossed, posing like we’re in Rambo.

Or using sensationalist claims and headlines about what we can help do.

You will find us having a whiskey sour, watching Rick and Morty and creating things our customers (and us) are passionate about.

Most business owners only want to show you perfect moments. Not us. We share the good, the bad, the ugly.

We’re real people, which means we mess up on our own fitness journey.

We enjoy wine, go out for meals and eat everything on the table. We’ll even order dessert.

That’s the power of formula, habits and following the science.

Although becoming Superhuman is our goal here in the lab, being human is part of that equation (and that can happen, whilst still getting insane results).

We aren’t just fitness people. We’re creators.

The Superhuman Lab is a creation that goes beyond just fitness.

We’re not just fitness people.

We’re artists. We draw, illustrator, design, write music, shoot videos. Creating is in our blood.

We’re also geeky. We code, read journals, study and build things from scratch.

And apparently it shows:
The painstaking amount of time and effort they put into developing and designing the videos and member dashboard to best serve the guys who take their programs is a tell-tale sign of how much they’re devoted to truly helping their clients succeed. The info is a pleasure to consume, easy to understand, and "plug n play" in nature.
- Christopher Walker, Founder of Umzu__
That means that we’re not only putting out content that can help you reach your fitness and health goals, but we’re always trying to do it in a way that goes beyond just fitness content.

The little details matter.

It's the creative in us that is always striving for better products.

We create best-in-class health and fitness training and education that’s not just another rehashed “photocopy” of what’s already available for free on a hundred million pages or youtube videos.

We create products made with love, because we believe in creating things that change lives and that when shared, change other lives too.

If this resonates with you and you want to be part of our world.

Our formula The Skinny To Superhero Formula is opening up it’s beta for a round 2 real soon.

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