What trips most skinny guys up
and how to overcome it

If you’ve looked around anywhere online then you’ve most likely seen some big claims and a lot of BS.

I’m talking about the “new studies” that claim to hold the power to completely change your life and how this one “brand spankin new” thing is the key to building slabs of muscle in record time.

But the reality is when you look under the hood of all of these programs, the claims are inflated and there’s a lot of moving parts, and overwhelm going on in the program.

Not only is “the secret” a small part of the actual program, but they expect you to do a bunch of things like:

• Completely change your diet, buy new ingredients and become Gordan Ramsey in the process.

• Enter the gym with no experience, be confident in all the lifts and add muscle all over your body with a simple chest day workout.

• Give up your life to living in the gym and spending your time worrying about everything little thing behind perfect

If you’re anything like I was, then the idea of this sounds like hell, and is enough to stop anyone from actually getting anywhere.

That stuff might work for guys with average genetics or the giant meatheads who throw weights around like they’re in the zoo, but it doesn’t for guys who struggle to stay consistent (and definitely not skinny guys).

Instead, it leads to overwhelm and burn out…

To guys giving up every few weeks, only to then restart and do the same thing again and again and again. Hoping for different results.

And it’s not a rare thing …

According to Statistic Brain, 27% of us abandon our goals within the first week, 31% by the 2nd and a whopping 50% give up by the 1-month mark.

And according to Harris Interactive, it might be even worse, with 73% of people failing to stick with their goals past January.

And it’s not surprising - because so many plans are built wrong in the first place.

Maybe this feels familiar:

At first you’re motivated to start. You plan everything: meals, workouts, time for stretching and taking all the recommended supplements.

Then a few weeks down the line, the diet slips and we stop eating enough. All of a sudden, the whole thing is “too much effort”. 

So we stop turning up to the gym, and we even get too anxious to walk into the weights room.

Everything else in life comes first and suddenly you “don’t have enough time” to do the things you said you would do.

This might not have happened for you yet, but after coaching skinny guy after skinny guy, I’ve seen it time and time again.

Overwhelm and relying on willpower breaks down.

That’s why when it comes to building a healthier life, you want to focus on the 80/20 minimalist principal.

What 20% of actions, lead to 80% of the results?

What simple to follow steps can you do, that lead to the biggest bang for your buck?

That’s why I believe in a different approach instead.

It’s more than just a system of workout programs or diet strategies. Instead it’s based on powerful behavioural psychology to create lasting change in you.

Steps that take you to a place where you can build muscle on autopilot.

Let’s dive into the formula...
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P.S I wish I knew this when I first started.

Back when I was 112 lbs I was putting pieces that didn’t fit together bit-by-bit. Believing that all I needed was a particular actor’s workout and I’d get the same results - although I was a skinny dude

I believed a particular study (or hack) was the missing piece and once I discovered it, I’d build all the muscle I wanted.

Thankfully I slowly put the right pieces together. I looked at proven science and the fundamentals. I stopped going down that shiny rabbit hole.

And I’m really glad you’re here doing the same :)
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