Timing your meals. How often to eat. Still having your life whilst bulking up.

When you’re a busy dude, the last thing you want is to be a slave to the kitchen and (even worse) your diet plan.

Nothing feels worse than having to plan your entire life around when your next meal will be, or worse yet, having no clue how to change things up when life actually happens.

Plans fall apart pretty quickly when you’re under pressure:

Have you tried to cram as much down your throat as possible, but still struggled to gain muscle?

Have you struggled to fit your diet plan around family life, work-life or college?

I sure did, and I completely bombed my chance of being a jacked and muscular dude.

And I’m not alone, I often get emails like this:

The truth about how often to eat, when to eat and cycling your macros

Truthfully this is a topic that is often overthought.

It's often said to be a tactic, and reason, for giant transformations (be that in success stories, magazines or even courses that are sold on this one promise.

For guys who are trying to build a body they're proud of, to look and feel better, it isn't all that important. It's often credited as the tactic or big reveal reason behind giant transformations; success stories in magazine and bulk-up courses have been sold on its promise.

It causes people to get consumed by the finer details while forgetting the more important things that we discuss elsewhere in this bulking diet guide, like calories, macros, sleep, workout programs and general lifetime improvements.

Merely providing a blanket statement of it being "not important" would be a big miss. As like we teach in The Skinny To Superhero Formula, not everyone is the same. For some people, it might matter (be that because of its actual benefits, or from a physiological viewpoint of just needing to know).

Instead, I'm going to walk you through all areas of these topics, from how often you should eat, to when you should time your nutrients based on your goals.

Some of the science might feel quite heavy-going in this guide, but bear with me. It’s my aim to take complicated topics, break them down and make them easier to swallow so skinny guys like you can apply them.

Hours upon hours went into researching and crafting the advice here, because I build superhumans with science-backed results.

Absorb as much or as little of that side of things as you’d like. 

What’s important is understanding the right moves to make.

Let's jump in.
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