Everything you'd want to know about macronutrients for a bulking diet

What do you eat with your diet?

At this point you should have the idea of your calories covered, but what do you fill them calories with?

That’s where this chapter comes into play:

Protein, carbs and fats are what makes up your calories.

Each one has a different benefit, equals a different calorie amount and has different foods belonging to them (although a lot of foods contain more than just one macro at a time - even if it’s just traces of a different macros).

But the problem is, there’s rarely anything that’s science backed on what each macro does, how many you should have and how to best use it. Until now this is (shock, I know).

With so many studies done on the topic, with all kinds of people, with different goals, it can be hard to know what applies to beginners that want to build muscle, and what is for bodybuilders or even guys with above average genetics.

Although calories are important, what makes them calories is what makes a big difference between gaining weight or gaining lean dense muscle.

That's why I'm going to dive into every area of the diet and not only  give you the science, but how much to have and recommended sources.

Note: I'd recommend going in the order listed below, starting with protein (which along with calories is part of the 80/20 approach to the bulking diet).

Let's jump in.
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