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The Ultimate Bulking Diet Guide For Beginners

A Hands-On Primer to Getting Your Nutrition Together, Finally Understanding What It All Means And Rapidly Growing Muscle As A Skinny Dude (without spending all day in the kitchen)
Created by Dean Phillips
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Every step of the buking diet covered in detail

The most actionable and science based guide for beginners 🤓
For busy guys just starting out
Bulking up can be overwhelming when you're first starting out. That's why we've put it together all in one place - no more "huh what do I do?"
From the basics to advanced
From what is bulking and calories to how often to eat and when to eat. It's all inside in great (sometimes nerdy detail).
Free and up to date
This isn't your typical book gathering dust. We  love creating things that help. That's why this is always being updated.
The bulking diet basics
In this section we're going to get you up to scratch with the basics of "bulking up". We'll show you all the terminology, different kinds of bulking, and go in-depth (like seriously) on calories.
You're going to learn everything you need to know about macros - protein, carbs and fats. What they are, how they help, how many to take and a whole lot more.
Meal timing
When should you eat, how often, does it matter if you skip breakfast and have a big lunch? How important is changing your calories each day?

I'm Dean Phillips. The Creator of this guide.

Once extremly skinny (112 lbs) but have since gained 60 pounds (currently around the 40 lb mark). I coach guys to build a stronger, muscular, and healthier body through science-based strategies.
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