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We help busy guys build muscle, get stronger and become healthier - all on autopilot

Proven strategies for skinny guys to build a better body, hack human psychology and create life-changing habits whilst still having a life

No matter where you’re at in life right now, I believe you have what it takes to build a body you’re proud of, live a life that matters and actually become the guy you want to be…

More specifically I write about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle design for skinny guys.

If you’re like most of my readers, then you’ve probably tried most things out there when it comes to building muscle and you’ve been told it’s as simple as “eat more, lift heavy and sleep a lot” - and then later discovered it isn’t.

But why doesn’t the eat big, lift heavy and sleep approach work for skinny dudes?

The truth is, that approach might work for the average Joe and guys with half decent genetics (I’m looking at you, crossfitter’s!), but for skinny dudes, it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s advice spat out by gym rats and meatheads who not only know nothing about what it is like to be a skinny dude, but they’re not walking the life I’d want to live and I can bet you wouldn’t either.

I’m a recovering fitness junkie: I used to train 5-7 days a week and base everything around my fitness goals. I’d choose the gym over social events, I’d base places I went based on my macros and I’d even run home (45 minutes) just to get a weight gainer shake I’d forgotten - everything was based on the way I looked in the mirror, rather than how happy, healthy and put together I felt.

You want to build a multi-dimensional body with a lifestyle that fits!

I was once a 112 lb skinny dude.  With scrawny arms, no chest, and legs that belonged to a chicken

I went from 112 lbs to 172 lbs, got stronger and leveled up every area of my life (financial, spiritual, skills, happiness, etc.) 

And I want to give you the tools to do it too. I’ve also been on both sides of the fence: I’ve been a guy that doesn’t know how to get results and is a skinny 112 lb boney guy.

And I’ve been a fitness-obsessed junkie whose every waking moment is based around when he’s going to eat, what he trains like and what he does in the gym ?

Here’s the way I look at doing things differently...

Life should be more than just building muscle and spending time in the gym.
It’s better to build sustainable habits instead of crashing and burning weeks from now.
The fitness industry is full of hype and is way too complicated for everyday people.
Everyone starts from somewhere. No matter your current shape you can build a body you're proud of.
If that feels right to you, then I think you’ll like it here...
THIS ISn't about us though

It’s About Helping You & Those Like You.

I was always exhausted and I never thought I’d actually have the time to train and eat well, nevermind actually get results. I can safely say I’m now in the best shape of my life and really proud of myself for it.

What you could do now...

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